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Architectural Engineering and Building Envelope Assessment

An old adage is that the three biggest problems with any structure are water, water, and water! While there are obviously many other potential failure mechanisms for a building or structure, water intrusion and resultant damage is a major issue with the built environment. The envelope or “skin” of a building is expected to be designed, constructed, and maintained to protect the interior of a building and the structural systems from the elements.

  • architectural engineering

Unfortunately, a competent building “skin” is often not accomplished by design and/or properly implemented in the construction phase of a project resulting in water intrusion, the retention of water in the building envelope causing deterioration of building materials, and potentially major structural deterioration including structural failure.

The experts at Forensix specialize in evaluating all manner of building envelope systems, including roofing systems, veneer and cladding systems, window assemblies, balconies, and waterproofing and flashing systems. They evaluate the location and root cause of envelope deficiencies, determine the extent of the resultant damage, and provide solutions and designs to remedy the problem.